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Magnolia Windows & Doors takes great pride in handcrafted excellence, innovation and style combined with performance-enhancing quality expertise few other manufacturers can match..

• Precision Manufacturing Processes
Utilizing advanced, computer-controlled equipment and highly-skilled technicians, each and every window and door is built to exact specification in a modern manufacturing facility.
• Superior Materials
Some manufacturers use standardized vinyl components. Magnolia Windows & Doors components are made using advanced computerized blending and compounding equipment that results in vinyl extrusions that perform equally well in freezing cold as well as blazing heat and humidity.
• Distribution Network
All Magnolia Window & Door products are available through an broad network of reputable dealers, distributors and contractors, ensuring sales and service excellence.
• Proprietary Transportation Fleet
Magnolia & Door products are delivered using our own private transportation fleet of professional drivers that understand the importance of on-time delivery and the specialized handling necessary to deliver windows and doors safely and securely.
• Unprecedented Customer Service
From costing and estimating of window and door units to scheduling and following through, Magnolia Windows & Doors customer service teams work diligently to ensure customers are completely satisfied at all times.


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Customer Service

Customer Service can be reached Monday - Friday 8A - 5P at 706-778-1200