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General Notes
  1. This product shown herein has been tested to the AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05.
  2. Shim as required at each installation anchor with load bearing shim. Maximum allowable shim stack to be 1/4".
  3. Window Frame Material: Vinyl
  4. Install #8 screws of sufficient length to provide 1-1/2" minimum embeddment into wood buck for nailing fin mounted windows.
  5. Caulk behind window flange at head, sill and jambs. Caulk must be Novaguard M101 or approved equal.
  6. Application of Novaguard M101 adhesive caulk must comply with sealant manufacturer's recommendations.
  7. Use caulk for perimeter seal around exterior window flange.
  8. Glass thickness may vary per ASTM EI300 requirements glass chart.
  9. The product shown herein is designed and manufactured to comply with the current Florida building code.
  10. Approved impact protective system is required on this product.
  11. Maximum window width for each window type is as follows: Single Hinge - 36", Single Hung Twin - 72" and Picture Window - 60".
Door Exterior Detail
Wood Installation Detail
Masonry Installation Detail