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400 Series

Geometric Shapes

The Magnolia Series 400 window gives you exactly what you are looking for in an economical window: value and performance.  The 3/4" insulating glass made with warm edge Duralite™ spacer system provides an effective barrier to both heat loss and sound transmission. The frame and sash are fusion welded to provide years of trouble free performance. The sleek lines of the sash maximize the daylight opening for a bright home interior.

Features Include
Brickmould exterior for enhanced aesthetics
2 7/8" Main frame depth
Fusion welded frame and sash designed for maximum strength and integrity
Internal and external main frame accessory grooves for multiple attachments
3/4" Insulated glass with warm edge spacer technology for exceptional thermal efficiency
1/4" Slotted integral nail fin
3/4" Integral J-channel for easy siding installation
Internal and external main frame accessory grooves for multiple attachments
Available with Simulated Divided Lites
Available in three standard colors: White, Tan and Clay
Optional custom exterior colors are available
Available Shapes: Cathedral, Eyebrow, Eyebrow w/ Extended Legs, Ellipse, Circle, Half Eyebrow ,Half Eyebrow x/ Extended Legs , Half Round, Half Round w/ Extended Legs, Octagon, Oval, Pentagon, Quarter Arch, Quarter Arch w/ Extended Legs, Triangle, Trapezoid, Archtop Single Hung Window, Half Archtop Single Hung Window, Eyebrow Single Hung Window, Half Eyebrow Single Hung Window



Standard 270 Low Emissivity Glass pdf

366 Low Emissivity Glass pdf

Argon Gas

9/16" Extension Jamb

6 9/16" Extension Jamb

Internal Grids Removable Meeting Rail

External Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)